• - ✔ FORM & FUNCTION - Avoid the hassle of changing your battery by directly connecting your Ring Video Doorbell 2 to our solar charger. Simply connect the fork connector to the screws at the back of the doorbell, and you are ready to go. Our uniquely designed solar charger takes away the need to fiddle around with complex wiring and time-consuming battery changes.
  • - ✔ NO MORE BATTERY CHANGES - Some customers have complained that they have to change batteries every two to three weeks. Our solar charger, when installed in direct sunlight, can significantly prolong the battery life or even eliminate battery changes entirely.
  • - ✔ PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS - The charging speed when in direct sunlight is approximately 1% every 2 hours. In partial sunlight, it is approximately 1% every 5 hours. Dimensions: 5.82in x 3.62in x 0.56in. Note: If the four digits immediately after "bhrg4" in the Serial Number found at the back of your Ring Video Doorbell 2 range between 1715 to 2417, it may be incompatible with our Solar Charger. You may opt to contact the Ring Support Team for free replacement of the unit.
  • - ✔ WASSERSTEIN SAVINGS - Realize huge savings when you buy two or more of our Ring accessories. Use discount code: RING0EAL at checkout. Other Ring accessories include Silicone Skins (ASIN: B079GT7SCL, B079GT7SCL, B079GRHXT3) and Solar Panel for Ring Spotlight Cam (ASIN: B07BNDNPKY).
  • - ✔ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - The Wasserstein 3-Month Warranty got you covered. If any of our products fail to meet your expectations, we'll either get it replaced straightaway or issue you a full refund. No questions. No charge. No kidding.

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The Dimensions

  • Length - 780mm
  • Width - 37mm
  • Height - 190mm
  • Weight - 450mm