• - 【PERFECTLY COVER】- Completely covers existing light switch and easy to install Philips Hue Dimmer Wireless Switch. Deep enough to cover old switches by increasing the height.
  • - 【BETTER MAGNETIC FORCE】- Improves the holding force by adding the 2nd magnet. Change the design with thicker force magnet in the middle.
  • - 【HIGH COMPATIBILITY】- Suitable for most wall light switches (EU/UK Standard). Up to 92x92mm and 15mm depth in size. Wider distance between the screw holes. ( Please refer to the picture for specifications.)
  • - 【UNIQUE DESIGN】- Elegant and classic appearance, with the same color of Philips Hue Dimmer Wireless Switch. Blending in well with any environment and saving space on the wall.
  • - 【ENSURE SAFETY】- Prevent wires from being exposed and the switch accidental switch off. Ensure the switch is working normally all the time. Easy installation with 4 steps.

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