Poopsie Sparkly Critters Series 1-1A

Poopsie Sparkly Critters Series 1-1A

Category : Toy

By Poopsie

Price : £14.99

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  • - Feed Poopsie Sparkly Critters water and they magically spit or poop slime
  • - Each Sparkly Critter is an adorable animal with a sparkly unicorn horn
  • - Unbox the sparkly soda pop can to find so many surprises inside
  • - Transform slime by adding Unicorn Magic, Unicorn Shimmer, and ultra-rare Unicorn Sparkle
  • - Collect all 16 Sparkly Critters

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The Dimensions

  • Length - 250mm
  • Height - 250mm
  • Weight - 225mm

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