Pikmi Pops PKP Doughmi's - Random Designs, PKD00

Pikmi Pops PKP Doughmi's - Random Designs, PKD00

Category : Toy

By Pikmi Pops

Price : £5.99

Pick up a Pikmi Pops and discover the super sweet, freshly baked Surprise Dough Mis! Each Dough Mis Single Pack contains a collectible doughnut case with one scented, super-squishy donut animal plush hidden inside. With delicious scents, including cinnamon, strawberry jam, chocolate cream and more, the Dough Mis are so sweet and so snuggly. Use the dangler string to carry your Dough Mis with you and find out which Dough Mis you've collected with the included guide. A super-sweet surprise for 5... More Info


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The Dimensions

  • Length - 256mm
  • Height - 551mm
  • Weight - 256mm

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