Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation

Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation

Category : Home Improvement

By Nest

Price : £219.99

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a programmer and thermostat in one. It learns your schedule to program itself, notices when you're gone and automatically turns down the heat and can be controlled from your mobile. The Nest Thermostat even learns how long your home takes to heat up so you only use as much heat as you actually need.... More Info


  • - Auto-Schedule: No more programming With Auto-Schedule, Nest learns from you and programs itself
  • - Auto-Away: The Nest Thermostat automatically turns itself down after you leave to help you save energy
  • - Hot Water: Now Nest can control your hot water tank You can even adjust the hot water schedule from your mobile
  • - Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice control
  • - Remote Control: With Nest app, you can change temperature, check Energy History, and get an alert if your home gets too cold

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The Dimensions

  • Length - 79mm
  • Width - 51mm
  • Height - 79mm
  • Weight - 79mm