Hairdorables Pets - Series 1

Hairdorables Pets - Series 1

Category : Toy

By JP Hairdorables

Price : £7.99

Lovable loyal and with lots of big hair don t care style each hairdorables pet comes with their own brush so girls can style their hairdorables Pet s hair just like their hairdorables dolls 2 accessories 2 stickers One adoption card and one collector list Please note a number of styles are available which cannot be chosen Customers will receive a style at random... More Info


  • - Pull, peel, and reveal 8 surprises inside!
  • - Each package includes Hairdorables pet, 2 accessories, 2 stickers, one brush, one adoption card, and one collector list.
  • - Each package is a surprise - which Hairdorables pet will you unwrap?

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The Dimensions

  • Length - 300mm
  • Width - 220mm
  • Height - 950mm
  • Weight - 350mm