Garden Glows"The Home of Ember Quillwitch" Illuminated Fairy Dwelling

Garden Glows

Category : Lawn & Patio


Price : £19.99

Designed to delight your family, friends and garden fairies, this beautifully hand-crafted, rustic Tudor-home-style fairy house is incredibly detailed (complete with tiny shutter windows, a front door and chimney) and realistic in appearance. Made from durable resin, it is illuminated by three internal, soft white LEDs powered by a rechargeable AA battery (not included). Automatically lighting up at the onset of dusk, "The Home of Ember Quillwitch" will spread its gentle, warm light throughout... More Info


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The Dimensions

  • Length - 866mm
  • Width - 172mm
  • Height - 984mm
  • Weight - 984mm