Flexson Floorstand for SONOS PLAY:1 - Black (Pack of 2)

Flexson Floorstand for SONOS PLAY:1 - Black (Pack of 2)

Category : Home Theater

By Flexson

Price : £100

Flexson floor stands put your SONOS PLAY:1 speakers at the ideal listening height. Whether you re streaming music to a single speaker or using a pair of PLAY:1 speakers in stereo or in a 5.1 PLAYBAR set-up for your movies TV and more your system will look - and sound - great. Flexson s bespoke floor stand is precision engineered in England to perfectly match the size style and colour of the SONOS PLAY:1 speaker. The Flexson floor stand for PLAY:1 is a sturdy metal design - with a stable base... More Info


  • - Put your SONOS PLAY:1 at the ideal listening height
  • - Floorstand. Bespoke design for SONOS PLAY:1 speaker
  • - Holds speaker securely at 820mm high
  • - Clever cable management keeps things tidy
  • - Precision engineered in England

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The Dimensions

  • Length - 3563mm
  • Width - 1102mm
  • Height - 276mm
  • Weight - 827mm