• - -------- BUY WITH AMAZON PRIME! SAFE AND FAST DISPATCH AND DELIVERY!!! ---------you HAVE TO change the front badge of you ALFA ROMEO but you don't want to spend a lot of money? do you search an easy and cheap solution? look at this!
  • - It consist in an adhesive badge in thin metal that have to be applied where before there was the old badge.
  • - new version with 2016 new logo!
  • - the emblem is the same as the original one it fit on: - 147 - 159 - BRERA - GIULIETTA - MITO - GT - NUOVA SPIDER you can put also this badge on the rear in this models: 156 second series - 147 - 159 - BRERA - GIULIETTA - MITO - GT -
  • - you have to engrave the old badge in the centre with an awl. then you have to push outward and the badge will secede easily. when you remove the old badge you put the new one with the sticker. MORE THAN 5000 PIECES SOLD ALL OVER THE WORLD !!!

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