Enchantimals FNH23 Mini-poupée Danessa Biche Deer Doll, Multi-Colour

Enchantimals FNH23 Mini-poupée Danessa Biche Deer Doll, Multi-Colour

Category : Toy

By Enchantimals

Price : £9.99

Let danessa deer doll and her deer friend Sprint enchant you. The Enchantimals dolls are lovable characters who share a special bond with their animal friends -- they're always together, and they look alike, too! the six-inch doll comes with Sprint, her deer friend -- so cute with pretty antlers and sweet furry detail. Danessa deer doll wears a colourful outfit that matches her quiet, nurturing personality: it has a colourful floral print on the bodice and removable skirt and furry trim on the... More Info


  • - This adorable 6 inch enchantimals doll and her animal-bestie are inspired by the world of enchantimals, a magical place nestled deep in nature
  • - Danessa Deer doll comes with Sprint deer animal figure they're always together and they look alike, too
  • - Danessa Deer doll is wearing a unique outfit to match her nurturing personality: a sweet peachy-orange outfit with flower prints and doe spots a furry white shoulder wrap and purple shoes finish her look
  • - She has enchanting touches to match Sprint deer, showing their special bond like golden antlers, adorable deer ears and animal-inspired facial features
  • - Sprint deer figure is so charming with little antlers and a tuft of white fur

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The Dimensions

  • Length - 225mm
  • Width - 100mm
  • Height - 850mm
  • Weight - 500mm