ELRO FZ500221R FZ5002R Smoke Detector, White

ELRO FZ500221R FZ5002R Smoke Detector, White

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Price : £40.99

The ELRO FZ5002R Smoke Detectors ensure that you are alerted in time in case of fire. The detectors can be wirelessly connected to other detectors. This means that, when fire is detected by one detector, the connected detectors will also sound an alarm. This ELRO smoke detector features a battery that lasts for 2 years. The FZ5002R detectors have a high quality optical sensor and respond quickly to all fires, give less false alarms and are very environmentally friendly without using radioactive... More Info


  • - Wireless connectability and Compatible with other ELRO Connects products
  • - Protected for at least 2 years without replacing batteries
  • - Optical sensor for a quick response
  • - Extra heat sensor reacts at >54°
  • - Test button to test functions and empty battery indicator

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The Dimensions

  • Length - 472mm
  • Height - 138mm
  • Weight - 472mm