Bosch Smart Home Smoke Detector - White

Bosch Smart Home Smoke Detector - White

Category : Home Improvement

By Bosch

Price : £69.95

This smart smoke detector has the capacity to double up as an intruder alarm as well as a smoke alarm. Thanks to its precise detection, the alarm can detect unusual smoke and immediately sound a loud, clear alarm as well as sending an instant notification to your smartphone app. Its targeted action precisely detects the source of the smoke and passes the alarm to other alarms in your home via your Smart Controller. It can even act as an intruder alarm in conjunction with your Bosch Smart Home... More Info


  • - Reliable- Immediately sounds the alarm and sends notification when fire risk is detected
  • - Dual Functionality- As well as a smoke detector, it also acts as a siren to deter unwelcomed guests, triggered by Motion Detector and Door/Window Contact in system
  • - Fast- Allows quick response due to additional clear alarm notification sent via Bosch Smart Home App
  • - Safe- Emergency light to illuminate escape route
  • - Easy- Installed with ease without tools due to adhesive strip supplied

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The Dimensions

  • Length - 201mm
  • Width - 36mm
  • Height - 469mm
  • Weight - 469mm