TP Link Smart Home Devices

TP-Link might not be the first people you think of when you want a smart home device. But they actual have some pretty neat devices under their belt.

TP-Link are the people who make routers and modems….And now, smart home devices.

They offer smart bulbs, smart plugs and a smart camera and they also offer an app called Kasa (I have no idea what that stands for!)

TP-Link Smart Bulbs

TP-Link smart bulbs are pretty much like everybody else does. You screw them into the lamp holder, link them to an app and you control the brightness and the colours.

The difference between the TP-Link bulbs and the Philips hue range is that you don’t need a hub with the TP-Link bulbs.

The bulbs operate directly from your wifi connection. Screw them in and off you go.

TP-Link bulbs are also compatible with Alexa and google home, giving you voice control straight away. Another interesting feature of these bulbs is the circadian mode, whereby the colour and brightness of the light changes automatically depending on the time of day it is.

Most of the bulbs offer 800 Lumen output which is reasonable and all are dimmable and offer scheduling of on and off times.

The bulbs say they have a 28 year lifespan….In my opinion, this will be much less as LED bulbs tend to loose brightness after a few years of operation.

TP-Link smart plugs

Smart plugs are quite a new addition to the smart family of devices. They allow you to control practically any devices as an on/off smart device.

Just plug the TP-Link smart plug into a standard socket outlet and then plug your device into the smart plug. Set the plug up on your network and you are all set.

The TP-Link smart plugs are available in two versions.

The first version offers energy monitoring and will tell you how much energy that plug socket is using. You can look in real time but you can also monitor the energy usage over time.

The second version doesn’t offer energy monitoring and is literally just a TP-Link smart plug.

Both versions of the smart plug offer voice control when used with your Alexa or Google home and both versions can be scheduled to turn devices on and off at set times using the TP-Link Kasa app on Android or OS.

You can also set timers to switch devices off after a certain time and both versions are compatible with Nest and IFTTT Devices.

Kasa Camera

TP-Link only currently offer one smart camera, the Kasa cam!

The camera offers 1080p video with manual zoom and shot at an incredibly wide angle meaning you get lots of the scene into your screen.

Kasa cam is fully controllable from the app and also offers 2-way voice communication.

You can watch your Kasa cam from anywhere via the internet and its built in sensors will automatically activate the camera when presence is detected….Obviously you get an automatic alert for this.

Kasa cam is compatible with Google home and Alexa but mostly you will be controlling it and viewing it through the app. Obviously your video is encrypted with industry-standard 128 bit AES encryption with SSL/TLS.

Kasa App

All the TP-Link smart devices are compatible with, and in fact are designed to be controlled via the Kasa App.

The app lets you control all your TP-Link devices from anywhere in the world. You can set schedules, timers, dim your lights, change the colours…etc.

You can also monitor energy usage and on times to try and save a bit of cash.

TP-Link might not be the best known smart device manufacturer but there products are cool. They look good and they operate efficiently and reliably.