Philips Hue Starter Kits

Lots of people think the Philips Hue system is expensive. And it can be. But what a lot of people don’t realise is that you can buy a Philips hue starter kit.

The starter kit usually includes a couple of bulbs and a hub but you can get a kit that includes just bulbs and a switch….Not sure that Philips still call this the starter kit.

Philips Hue Starter Kit – What do you get?

You will usually get 2 bulbs and a Philips hub depending on which starter kit you go for. Philips offer the kits both as full colour versions or as tuneable white bulbs.

You can buy both white and colour smart bulbs in the following fittings :

  • Strip light
  • Screw types – small and large
  • GU10
  • Bayonet – small and large

And then there is the array of bulb types that Philips offer…And lets not confuse the connector at the end of the bulb with the bulb shape.

If you are buying the Philips starter kit then you are likely to buy the A19 shape bulb. The A19 refers to the size of the bulb and is a direct replacement for a standard light bulb.

I mention this because Philips do offer other sized bulbs. as mentioned in the list above you can also buy a GU10 bulb, which is much smaller than an average bulb. And you can also buy a candle type Philips hue bulb.

Can you Buy Philips Hue Separately

Yes, you can buy all the Philips hue components separately but you will pay a premium. It is much better value to buy your first bulbs as a starter kit because you get the hub bundled together with two bulbs.

Sometimes however it is unavoidable to buy the components separately. The Philips Hue fixed lights for example, aren’t available as part of a starter kit.

And things like the Philips Hue Play and the outdoor lighting is only available as a stand alone purchase.