Philips Hue Light Strip

The philips hue light strip is maybe the greatest of all the philips hue systems. Its a versatile part of the hue system that you can bend and stick practically anywhere. But its far more advanced than a standard light strip you might have under your kitchen cabinets.

The Philips hue led light strip has all the features of the rest of the hue family. You can change the colours, dim them and change the whiteness as well as letting you do all the other neat tricks that the Philips hue lets you do.

The light strip doesn’t only look cool, they are actually useful.

Most light strip systems are just for show, offering a little ambient light, but the Philips LED’s blast out with a really useful output. You could actually use these as reading lights!

How does the strip light work?

You buy the strip light in lengths of either 1, 2 or 5 meter lengths. You can even buy outdoor lengths for your garden. In the starter kit you usually get the full colour 2m length of strip light and an AC adaptor.

Once you plug in the device you can link it to your Philips hue system like you do with any of your other Philips hue kit.

And the fun doesn’t stop there.

What lengths do the strip lights come in?

The starter kit has a 2m length of LED strip light….But why stop there? Once you own a piece of strip light, you can extend to make it longer or maybe even to go around a corner.

You can extend your Philips hue strip light up to 10m on one extension. And as mentioned above, you can even go out in the garden if you buy the all weather rated version.

Philips hue light strip lumens

So what exactly do you call a useful light output? The Philips hue light strip takes 20W of power in and gives you 1600 Lumens output.

To put that into perspective, a standard Philips hue bulb gives you about 250 Lumens output so you can imagine how bright the strip light is.

While it sounds like the strip light is hundreds of times brighter, in practice the output won’t look like that because the strip light is spread over a meter.

Philips hue light strip extension

One of the main features of the hue strip light is the ability to extend it. The standard lengths are 1m, 2m and 5m but once you own the AC adaptor you can extend your single length run up to 10m from one adaptor.

Philips hue light strip ideas

You probably bought your Philips hue strip light to create a colourful ambience in one of your rooms. But what are other people using theirs for? Here are a few ideas for your Philips strip light.

  1. TV Watching ambience.
  2. Bathroom – Mood lighting to the extreme. Your bathroom could become a sanctuary where you can create any colour imaginable.
  3. Kitchen – Great for accenting your kitchen, either at floor level or under kitchen cabinets.
  4. Garden – Create that resort feel with full colour dimmable lighting in your garden. Or use them as security lights with a sensor.
  5. Gaming – Some people have placed them around the back of their TV to enhance the gaming experience.


The Philips hue strip light is sometimes overlooked because its either too expensive, or people assume that they are a waste of time.

However, if you look into it a little more, you soon realise that Philips have given just as much thought to these as they have with all their other fittings.

An amazing addition to your Philips hue system. Grab a kit now, you wont regret it.