Hive Smart Controls

Hive have been creating smart controls for a number of years now and although they are probably one of the oldest developer of smart home tech, they probably are only really known for their shiny heating controls though.

What other smart devices do Hive make?

Hive also produce an excellent range of other smart home devices. They make a range of smart plugs, sensors and smart lighting.

But lets start with their most well known product, the smart heating controls.

Hive Heating

Heating controls are probably what Hive are best known for. In particular the hive thermostat. Its the shiny, digital look that you might have seen on TV at some point.

Hive heating controls can be used with or without a hive hub but there are obvious advantages to using a hub.

Hive Active Thermostat

The Hive active thermostat is one of the best recognized bit of Hive kit. Its black, its shiny and it has a colourful and clear display on the front.

The hive smart thermostat lets you control the temperature in your house from anywhere. You can control the heating via an app on your smart phone or tablet…..Or even a laptop. You can also set schedule and timers just like with smart lighting.

To make this absolutely clear, hive active heating is not a replacement for your existing boiler. It is more of an add on to your existing central heating. the hive system simply controls your existing boiler and adds on a whole host of extra features and benefits.

As with other smart home devices, the Hive thermostat works great with Google home and Alexa. This adds hands free, voice control to your central heating system.

The hive active thermostat is a wireless device but you should note that it isn’t a self install system. A qualified gas engineer will need to install it as there is some integration with your existing boiler.

Hive Cameras

There are currently three cameras in their offering each having similar smart features.

Hive outdoor camera

The hive outdoor camera is a waterproof smart camera that offers full HD streaming and a night camera facility.

As well as the amazing picture quality the camera has two way communication between the camera and the smart phone app. This means you could use it as a video intercom.

On board motion sensors mean that the smart camera will detect movement and log it as well as pinging a notification.

All footage is stored for 24 hrs so you can wind back and see what was going on if you need to.

Hive view camera

The View camera has similar features to the outside camera….It is essentially the same device except the mount it sits on can move and offers manual pan and tilt…Note, this isn’t controllable from the app, it just allows you to point the camera where you want.

The camera has a wide 130 degree lens and an 8x zoom. The Hive view has the same person detection as the outdoor camera and the same 24hr recording.

A nifty feature is the grab and go facility, where you can just grab the camera off the mount without unscrewing or messing about.

Hive desktop camera

The hive desktop camera is essentially the same camera again but with a different, fixed mount.

The camera has 3 different built in alarms that you can sound from the smart phone app if you happen to spot anything dodgy going on in your home.

All three cameras are compatible with the hive hub and are compatible with Google home and Alexa.

Hive Security Sensors

A range of two different security sensors are available. The sensors are Hive smart sensors and will fit on doors and windows. 

The two types of sensors are a standard sensor that detects the door opening and a motion sensor that sits in the corner.

Door sensor

The hive smart door sensor works just like any other alarm door sensor. There is a magnet that sits on the door and a smart sensor that sits on the frame.

Hive motion sensor

The smart motion sensor replaces the usual pir that you have on a standard alarm.

It sits in a room and notifies your smart phone when it detects movement. But it also logs what has happened, so you can scroll back in time and see whats been going on.

So what do you do with these two sensors? You can link them to the hive system and use them to trigger anything you want.

The devices will notify you on the app every time something is detected or you can set times when the sensors are working and when they aren’t.

Hive smart Lights

Smart lights are everywhere now. And the hive smart lights are much like all the other brands. 

The hive smart bulbs are controllable from the app via the hive hub and are available either as tuneable white or full colour.

Once you screw the bulbs in you can either control them individually or group them together and switch them as a set.

You can set timers, scenes and adjust them from wherever you are via the smart app.

Next time you think of your smart home device, give hive a thought, they have lots of devices and most are compatible with google home..